Greetings from [WMD]

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Greetings from [WMD]

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Hi there Tm4.

Im bullseye. Head of the [WMD]
I've been playing alot whit u guys, And I hope it will continue.

There has been some questiong rether I'll join Tm4 or not.
But right now, im staying here in [WMD] reason- It looks like we have gotten back up there.

2.nd reason- some of our members havent gotten back from private affairs since No-Remorse died.

3.rd reason- I'll be away 1year in the army, from September, or October. reason- I've allways been here. it's the first clan I ever joined, even tho we changed names and tags, it's still the first one

For the ones not clear about this :)

Otherwise I just kinda stoped by to say hi :D

(im a spammer)

I allso made ur clanVoteBar on AAOtracker yellow ;) whit 3 Votes only :)

-Thx, admins in the WMD