Post here if you wish to request a formal challenge against Tm4.
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Just had a chat to Col Mustard from the Bong Clan he and his guys are up for a scrimmage if we are interested their server is running a version of the AASA scripts though it is not AASA at the moment. their server is and we are welcome any time.


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Didn't they kick all 3 of you guys from their server yesterday?

Col. Mustard

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I wanted to come by and appologize in person and extend some courtesy to you guys, you're more than welcome in our server, as I hope our guys are here, you guys can view the thread here. ... &t=134#663 ..... again hope there are no hard feelings, I mean with the recent turn out of hackers on our server we've had to make some big changes in the way it gets run lately. you guys I bet would have done the same thing in that situation or have done so in the past. and speaking of the past thats where I would like to put that unfourtunate event lol.


Col. Mustard

PS; If you guys feel up to some friendly rounds some night give us a holler, be kewl guys peace out......

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