Tm4 25 Man Raid Requirements and Loot Rules UPDATED 1.22.08

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Tm4 25 Man Raid Requirements and Loot Rules UPDATED 1.22.08

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**Requirements. Omen Threat Meter, Deadly Boss Mods, CTRA and Ventrilo are REQUIRED for raids. They are easy to download and install. If you do not have these programs you will be kindly asked to leave the raid until you can come up with both programs. This makes it easier for communication and team work.

*** Courtesy: Be courteous to all members within the raid. Remember you are a guest, all Tm4 members will treat you with respect, if they do not please let one of the assist members know immediately.

**** Loot rules: We use DKP for our loot. If you have raided with us before you know there is a good chance you will get loot. We keep this available to everyone who assists in our raids. We use a 10pt tier system for loot. IE if you and another member are within the same tier (10-19, 20-29) you will be able to roll off for the loot. If you are a guest of our raid, and you and a Tm4 member are within the same tier, the Tm4 member will have priority on the loot. After 100 DKP the tiers will be 100 point tiers. IE: 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, etc...

Probationary members and guests with 4 or less raids under their belt will not be allowed to spend their DKP unless all full members have passed on the loot.

*****How the DKP works for 25 man raids. For each epic item that drops you will be awarded points. For armor the entire raid is awarded 25 pts/Weapons 37.5 pts/Legendary 75 pts. Rings/necklaces/cloaks will be considered armor. So if there are 25 people in the raid and an epic armor drops off a trash mob, everyone in the raid will be awarded 1 personal point towards their DKP, if a weapon drops everyone will receive 1.5 DKP, or 3 DKP for legendary items (25/25 = 1, 25/37.5 = 1.5, 25/75 = 3). Example: If 2 pieces of armor and a weapon drop, on a full 25 man raid, each person will be awarded 3.5 personal points. This would be automatically adjusted if there are less than 25 in the raid.

*******Bonus Points will also be awarded. 5 DKP will be awarded to each raid member that has joined the raid, entered the instance, and is raid ready (has food, pots, etc) by the scheduled raid time listed on GEM. 5 DKP will be awarded to each raid member that completes the raid when the raid is called by the raid leader.

When we begin new instances, bonus DKP will be awarded for each wipe as we learn new bosses. An additional bonus of 10 DKP will be applied to each raid members account on a "first kill" of a boss.

******* To purchase items. Each armor item will cost 25 DKP, each weapon 37.5 DKP and each legendary 75 DKP. If you are in the top of the DKP, then you will have priority over that item. Your current DKP can be tracked here (WEBSITE TRACKER UNDER REVISION 1.22.08 ).

******** Crafting patterns. Guild members with the skill to roll for that item will have priority over those drops. If no guild member within the raid needs that item then guests are allowed to roll for that item.

********* Other blue items will be a need roll. If you need it for your character in the raid then it will be an open roll for everyone who needs it. If no one needs it, it may either be disenchanted or sent to the guild bank for further usage.

********** If you are AFK or Disconnect for longer than 10 minutes you could be removed from the raid and replaced with someone else. If a spot is still open once you return, then you may reenter the raid, if not you will be placed on the waiting list until someone leaves the raid.

If you have any questions or concerns please talk to one of the Guild leaders.